Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from the dead, lurking in the library

Wow, it has been a while. To wit, here's a series of found poems made from a list of EBSCO journals to which McGill University is subscribed, that I compiled while working at Redpath over the past couple of weeks as part of a work-study program attached to the MLIS program, of which I just finished the first year. Finshed my PhD, got engaged (!!!), and have longer hair than I've had in years. The only regret is the last thing, which shall soon be remedied.


the rise and fall of the unemployed insect lover 
Entomological News,  
The Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine, 
The Great Lakes Entomologist. 
(American Bee Journal.) 
Journal Of The American Mosquito Control Association, 
International Pest Control: 
Memoirs Of The American Entomological Society. 

Necessary (or Not) for Noises 
Before The Bell: 
Flutist Quarterly, 
Horn Call. 
(Computer Music: Absolute Sound.)

American Nurseryman AND Hoards Dairyman OR Irish Sword AND Scottish Birds OR Pig Progress AND Progressive Grocer AND Seed World AND Grain Magazine AND Fruit and Vegetable Magazine AND Croplife AND Growertalks Greenprofit OR Dickens Quarterly AND The Dickensian AND Byzantinoslavica OR Tools For Schools AND Science and Children AND Gifted Child Quarterly AND Reading Improvement AND Jack and Jill AND Family Process AND Exceptional Family OR Log AND Ga Magazine OR Hand Clinics AND Journal of Space Law AND Index of Fungi OR True Principles AND Middle Way AND Present State AND History Now. 

competitions bomb contexts ephemera inform event (esse) faces extrapolation herizons appeal inroads issues and studies intersight inter interstices intervention preservation forces relations refuge use of english s p a c i n g. 

Africa Insight\\World of Interiors\\ Canadian Interiors//Building (Canada)//Classmate (Canada)\\Communications (France)//Critique (France)//Francais dans le monde – With Special Issues\\Concrete (England)\\Zion 

Anagrammatical Leftovers 
For the Mariner’s Moebius, 
Inland architect abstracts online mathematics: 
New Dionysus. 

Investors digest Eskimo fort, 
Against the grain. 

500 largest private companies photo single user. 

Forktail abstracts mirror econtent; 
Line, print, and prefix. 

Private library session. 
Learning of Manitoba lake cases,  
New Testament teacher Fiddlehead…

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