Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the silence, a voice is heard...

...one who finally submitted a thesis to his program! Funny how anticlimactic the entire process was: get up at 5:45 to start work at 7:30, truck a large quantity of library books downtown, up to the language school, then back down to the bus station, print out 5 copies at a cost of $140, barely make it to the two locations on campus where submissions are directed, get back on the bus and get home for 7:30, and, while drifting off to a semi-troubled sleep, think long and hard about whether there is in fact anything of value in the work itself. I suppose I shall see if this is the case in the next weeks and months. Regardless, hopefully things will become more active here, as I'm prepping a post-doc application on Nietzsche and rhetoric and would like feedback on the desired path of study. Here is an extremely tentative and undeveloped version which I sent to my possible research director:

For my postdoctoral project, I want to conduct an analysis of Nietzsche's rhetoric both concerning how it affects his argument and the reasons why he wrote the way that he did. I believe that his rhetoric is for the purposes of not only preparing the way for the 'philosophers of the future,' but also preparing philosophers of the present to rethink the history of philosophy concerning its various conceptions of nature. Ultimately, I wish to develop my project from certain arguments of Strauss, who considered both Nietzsche and Plato to hold an investigation of nature to be the highest task of philosophy. I thus wish to explore the reasons for why Nietzsche believed his politically- and, perhaps more importantly, religiously-charged rhetoric to be the proper propadeutic to this investigation.

I will now proceed to enjoy the autumn weather.

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