Friday, July 9, 2010

Isn't Zizek fun?

Nothing new, but an interesting account (from Der Spiegel) of a conference at which Zizek, Negri, and Badiou gave talks. You can almost feel the sweat and spittle striking your notepad in the first row. I disagree with almost everything he says, and yet I enjoy it so much. My favourite quote:

"Take my friend Peter, for example, fucking Sloterdijk. I like him a lot, but he'll obviously have to be sent to the gulag. He'll be in a slightly better position there. Perhaps he could work as a cook."

I think I need to read something that discusses Zizek's propensity for shocking comments as some kind of rhetorical device, perhaps comparable to Nietzsche. He can't possibly believe all of the things he says...can he?

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  1. There's apparently a long running joke between Zizek and Badiou about a 'politburo of two.' Badiou also says that Zizek is "animated by a deliberate desire for bad taste."